A protected site (SPA, SAC) in danger

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Are you worried by the destruction of the environment and concerned by the increasing threats to biodiversity ?
Do you distrust the underhand methods of politicians ?
Learn about the plan for the Havre de Regnéville and the Pointe d’Agon
and say NO to it.
Organisations - help us enforce the laws on nature protection !

Individuals - preserve your wild and open spaces : sign the petition !

The proposed works are to move the river channel so that it cuts through the Pointe d’Agon; the aim of this is to reduce erosion at the villages of Montmartin and Hauteville and improve the navigability at the river mouth. In fact, no built-up area is in danger and the force of the river is such that perpetual work would be needed to maintain the new state !
In the short term this would be catastrophic for the natural environment :
·    The work will disturb wild birds, whatever the season. Breeding birds in spring; Brent geese, shelducks, grebes, mergansers and waders in winter; terns, waders and other migratory birds in summer.
·    The disturbance of buried sediments will release heavy metals in the middle of an important fish nursery.
·    The Pointe d’Agon, an exceptionally important sand-dune habitat, will be destroyed exactly at the place where Kentish plovers breed and where rare snow buntings over-winter.  Many protected plants and invertebrates with a strictly coastal distribution will also be lost.
·    Sand banks in the sea and estuary will be destroyed.  These are important because of the Gut Weed (Enteromorpha) on which Brent geese feed, and the refuge they provide for resting birds.
In the long term the productivity of the ecosystem will be reduced by the incessant traffic of heavy machinery, damaging the whole food chain from diatoms to man and affecting molluscs, fishes, birds, and marine mammals.
The site is highly protected. It is a Natura 2000 Site and has many other designations (Znieff 1..).
This plan is unacceptable. Help us defeat it - sign the petition.

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