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The petition

Petition to Monsieur le Préfet de la Manche

The Havre de Regnéville and the Pointe d’Agon has been classed as an area of outstanding biological and ecological interest and as a Natura 2000 site, (Special Area of Conservation (birds), Special Area of Conservation (habitat) and is an exceptional place both for its picturesque beauty and biodiversity.

We refuse to accept that the legal protection afforded to this site be flouted.

We refuse to accept the necessity for this project which would weaken the equilibrium of the ecosystem and would threaten both the shellfish farming and the fishing on foot from the beaches.

We refuse to accept that this first stage of the work, which would inevitably lead to further work and would require maintenance in perpetuity, be started.

We refuse to accept this continuous cycle of work, which would devour public money and would be contrary to the principles of sustainable development.

We ask that France respects her commitments to protect biodiversity.

We ask for the project to be abandoned.


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